zonsondergang-aI awe of His Glory I look to the sky
I'm wondering Jesus as I gaze way on high

What words can I say I ask You with tears
Help those who suffer dispel all their fears

Give them the power to know their great worth
Each one of them perfect your treasures on earth

Smile at them sweetly please let them know
How much we love them like oceans that flow

Reflections of beauty that light up your sky
Heart of my sweet friends who gently walk by

Fill them with happiness with Your gentle touch
For those who are suffering their hearts say so much

I look to the ocean as waves rush to shore
I bow my head softly please comfort them more

With kindness and peace I offer my hand
Help them to walk on the silk of the sand

Know that I'm standing with arms opened wide
Knowing forever I'll be by their side

Each step that they take their hearts will remain
No greater love given their beauty will reign.