je2Something was wrong.

I could feel its weight in my heart, as a stone. As much as I feared, I knew.

He had come. I was left behind, alone.

Terror gripped me as I cried out to the God that I neglected.

Because I believed I had time, his plan for salvation I rejected.

I hung my head in despair. If only I had listened at the start.

It wasn't so hard to simply believe, to give my life and my heart.

Those words, "Give my life" echoed in my head

and I fell to my knees with a cry.

Eternal life in Christ was lost to me.

I had waited and I asked myself why?

I woke then with a sudden rush of fear, hearing my own anguished scream.

I finally accepted Jesus right there. He had saved me by a dream.

I gave my life to Jesus, but I never cease to remember or feel,

what would have happened that day so long ago, had it been for real?