heavenWhen I come to Heaven Lord, What shall I bring,

My golden necklace, and my diamond ring?

I have some great treasures, of jade, ivory and bone,

And aren’t we judged Lord, by what we own?

My important position, I’ve climbed up so high,

there just isn’t anything, my money won’t buy.

So tell me again Lord, just what are Your needs?

I’ve helped You al lot, by doing Good deeds.

“You’ve got it all wrong, My child, My dear,

All that I’ve wanted, is having you near.”

“While storing your treasures, There’s much you forgot,

My Love and Forgiveness Can never be bought.”

Your works and possessions are just filthy rags,

So if you’re coming to Heaven, Unpack your bags

Just come as you are, it’s you that I love,

The price has been paid, By the one up above.

written by Elizabeth Andrews