allthingsarepossibleHave you heard people speak about Jesus as their "personal" savior? Have you heard them tell about their own experiences with Him? Have you heard the pastor give an alter call and invite people to "meet" Jesus? Or do you know someone who speaks about Jesus as though He is their best friend? Do you know Him like that?

So many people know who Jesus is without ever knowing Him. There is a life-changing difference between knowing who He is and knowing the person Himself. Knowing who He is requires only the intelligence to retain facts learned from another source. For example, I can tell you a lot about our president but, I do not know him. I have gained my knowledge about him through the experiences of others. I have read, listened and heard about the president; and so I have acquired a certain amount of information about him. Though I know about him, I do not know the person. I have never met him. I know nothing about what he will do from day to day. I have no intimate understanding about the man, I only know what is "reported" about him. On the other hand, ask me about the person I am married too! In this case I have first hand knowledge. My knowledge is not based on what other people have said or experienced, it is my own. It may have begun with something I heard, or something I saw, but the uniquely special knowledge that I have about this person comes from our personal relationship. I know this person because we spend time together, we listen to each other, and we care for each other.

Making Jesus your personal savior is the difference between your head knowing about Him and your heart reaching out, grabbing hold and hanging on to Him! Heart knowledge is born in the spirit. It can not be taught. It can not be gained through someone else's experience. It is yours and yours alone. If you know about Him, but have not met Him -- reach out. He knows you, He loves you and He is waiting for you. Don't put it off any longer. Just talk to Him -- He will listen.